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  • Our Business Card Website is comprised of one page that showcases your business in a pleasing, graphic presentation allowing you to highlight the main points of your business without your visitors having to leave the page. This type of Internet presence is perfect for the business owner that would like to have a .com, .net. .org, .info address to display on traditional advertising, i.e., business cards, newspapers, magazines,etc., but doesn't want the additional work typically associated with changes and updates of a multi-page website.

  • Our Unique Design offers business owners the capability to present multiple aspects of your business via an image slide show. Each slide show image is unique and may also include text explaining that particular aspect of your business product or service.

  • Our Limited, Low Cost of only $99.00 + applicable tax or three (3) Morgan Silver Dollars - undamaged, unaltered (1878 - 1921) includes construction of a one-page business card website in the exact same format as seen here without any changes*. Client will have the option of choosing a logo from our extensive image files or providing a logo image of their own. Client will also be able to select background and website colors to correspond with their current brand. Any images other than those available from our existing image file, as well as text, and any other information to be presented on the website is to be provided in total by the client. This business card website price does not include any original graphics design nor does it include any editorial services. Price does include standard SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and submittal to the main search engines.

    Note: Overall appearance to client's page will differ from sample page due to variations in colors, text and images. Layout will be exactly the same. All links shown are to existing pages and are not included in the $99.00 cost and certain requirements apply.**

Need a custom website? Call us at 903-536-2777 to set up an appointment for a Free Consultation.

* Client is wholly responsible for any additional costs associated with their website. These costs may include but are not limited to registering a domain name(s) and setting up of hosting service. If applicable, additional costs are to be paid for by a valid credit card to be provided by client on request.

** To get the special rate of $99.00 or limited offer of $3.00, hosting for website MUST be contracted with HostGator through Moncrief Web Design. Client understands and agrees that they will be billed at our regular hourly rate for any additional associated work that may be required by third party links or advertisers as it pertains to the Business Card Website. This work may include but is not limited to text, images, and/or links. Moncrief Web Design reserves the right of refusal of this offer to anyone, person or otherwise, for any reason. Moncrief Web Design also reserves the right to limit the number of personal meetings to only those they deem necessary.

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