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COMPUTER BYTES - non-techy answers to basic computer questions.

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No. 75How to convert an old C Drive into a useable external drive; don't loose those files
No. 765 Ways to Back-up Your Computer - Home or Business
No. 77Free Programs for Malware, Root Kits, Virus Removal
No. 78Safe Speed Test & Broadband Check
No. 79How to Clean a Hard Drive of Personal Data
No. 80 Random Malware - What you need to know
No. 81 How to Wipe Clean a Cell Phone - Not all phones are equal
No. 82 Free Software Programs to Download
No. 83 Free Business Letters, Forms, Etc. to Download
No. 84 Cable Conversion Kits
No. 85 Are You Safe from Webcam Spying?
No. 86 The Home of the Future by Corning Glass
No. 87 How to use Email Filters, Folders & Labels
No. 88 How to use Google Hangout to Connect
No. 89 Free Malware Program
No. 90 What to do if you get a SPOOF email
No. 91 Want Privacy? These Search Engines don't track your activity.
No. 92 Power Management - How I fixed my computer using the PM Program

Computer Bytes Index

No.1Computer Specs
No.2.What Does ISP Stand For?
No.3.How to Perform a Search
No.4.Buying on the Net... Is It Safe?
No.5.Free Stuff and Where to Find It
No.6.Using Bookmarks & Favorites
No.7.Future Computers - Surface
No.8.Want to Save $$$
No.9.Key Stroke Shortcuts
No.10."F" Key Functions
No.11.Computer Virus Threats, Worms & Trojan Horses
No.12.Using Wireless and Firewalls
No.13.Forwarding Email
No.14.Email: How to Send, Reply, Use Address Books, Add Attachments
No.15.Email: Folders and Deleting
No.16.Scan Disk & Defrag Maintenance
No.18.Using Routers
No.19.On-line Shopping
No.20.Formats - CD & DVD
No.23.Sharing Photos On Line
No.24.End of Year Recap
No.25.Getting a .com
No.26.Using Your Computer to Make Money
No.27.File Extension Definitioins
No.28Child Safety on the Internet - Part 1
No.29Child Safety on the Internet - Part 2
No.30Malware & Links to Download
No.32Blu-ray Disc
No.33Backing Up Your Computer
No.34Desktop Shortcuts
No.35Pin 'Shortcuts' to Start
No.36Digital Camcorder
No.37Income Tax Information
No.38Moving Favorites to a New Computer
No.39My Computer Function - Viewing Files
No.40My Computer Function - System Tasks
No.41Setting Computer's Clock
No.42Email Attachments; Associated Programs
No.43Email Scams
No.44Using Computer & Google Calendars
No.45Using a Wireless Laptop
No.46What is a DLL?
No.47Microsoft XP Deadline
No.48Yahoo 'Safe Search'
No.49Files - Transfer & Import
No.50The Motherboard
No.51Adding Computer Memory
No.52Google Earth
No.53Internet Info
No.54Voice Recognition
No.55Zip Files
No.56Using Tabs
No.57Top Level Domains - .org, .com
No.58Open Office Software
No.59Identity Theft
No.60Protecting your Computer:UPS & Surge Protectors
No.61Google's Chrome - Beta Version
No.62Quick Fixes for your Computer
No.63What is RSS ?
No.64Internet Classified Ads & Free Cycle
No.65Updating Blu-Ray Player
No.66What is a Wiki?
No.67Using Goog-411 for Free Telephone Numbers
No.68Ghosting Your Computer
No.69Online Healt Records - Pros & Cons
No.70Difference Between Clipboards & Cache
No.71Turn Old Photo Negatives into Pictures
No.72 Calorie Sites, '800' Directory
No.73Printer Types & Printing
No.74Making Money thru Social Marketing & Blogging

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